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Learning to draw the human figure with the help of Body Models male and female torsos will dramatically increase your drawing skills.

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Learning how to draw the male and female figure can take many different styles and forms. Styles such as; fashion, graphics, life drawing, animation, fine arts or figure drawing and forms as varied as individuals ourselves. (see figure drawing gallery for examples)

Body Models torsos combined with the figure drawing tutorial, (free with every Body model purchase) will help you to achieve the important fundamentals of body proportion and shade variation. This understanding along with practise is the foundation to any great fashion, graphics, life drawing animation, or fine arts figure drawing.

Figure drawing styles

Life drawing
This style of figure drawing is usually created as a sketch (in charcoal or pencil) and in a studio with a life model. Poses are generally traditional (ie; sitting or lying) and models themselves are of all shapes and sizes.

Figure painting
This style utilises the life drawing sketch and develops it into a painting by using various mediums such as acrylics, oils, pastels or mixed media. Although figure painting like life drawing has a traditional origin, figure painting can and is very contemporary.

Animation (anime)
Animation figure drawing is a different style of drawing to the above two styles mainly because the end product takes the form of a film or comic. Firstly, characters personalities and storylines need to be developed (which isn’t important in life or fine art drawing) and therefore influences the types of poses and body angles. Secondly, the drawings need to be flat in colour and simple in tone so it is easily transposed to film.

Two things in fashion drawing that make it a unique figure drawing style is firstly the elongation of the body (which adds a dynamic look) and secondly the actual pose (body angle). This pose is typical of a magazine model yet exaggerated. The result is a drawing style that is characterised and modern.

The above figure drawing styles and comments are generalisations only. It is usually the individual artist’s skill and creativity that leads to a truly unique and masterful piece of artwork. Body models torsos can help you get there!

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